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Getting his start at the young age of 10, Sebastian Mazzarelli has been designing jewelry for most of his young life. Coming from a long line of Italian American entrepreneurs, Mazzarelli officially started his business freshman year of high school and immediately got involved in fashion shows and wholesaling to high end boutiques.

A self-taught designer, Sebastian believes that quality, design, and affordability make his work stand out in a crowded market of gimmicky, overpriced designers. As a male in a female dominated industry, he also brings a unique perspective and aesthetic philosophy as well as his innate, bloodline, business sense to the table.

With thousands of customers already wearing his designs around the globe, he has the credentials of a seasoned veteran. With many other businesses also under his belt, Sebastian is constantly expanding his empire one pairs of earrings at a time.
- Bio by Tessie

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The Jewelssss

Using only high grade materials and the finest findings and wires, our jewelry is presently hand made personally by designer and proprietor Sebastian Mazzarelli. We take great pride in our jewelry and strive to continually deliver High Quality, Affordable Fashion!
Our construction technique has evolved over the past fifteen years and its strength and reliability are a testament to over a decade of progress. All of our earrings and necklaces are constructed solidly to ensure that our jewelry will be around to be passed down to future generations and stylish enough that they will be plundering your jewelry box at the appropriate age.

The Busy Biz

The basis of a great business is doing great business. Everyday we work to be the best business possible. We aim to provide unique designs of the highest quality and style. We favor a sexy and fun yet sophisticated look to our work for everyday wear. We possess extremely high standards in our products quality as well as in our business and we also strive to give our customers more than they expect!

The Materials

All of our gemstones and materials are hand selected by Sebastian Mazzarelli himself in NYC and must pass our quality test before they have the priviledge of being used in our creations. All earrings and findings are .925 sterling silver or 14kt gold-filled.

Get It Customized!!!

Personalize your favorite design!! Contact us at to get a personalization quote and find out about color and size options! We specialize in custom pieces!

Jewelry Care

We realize that all jewelry is a stylistic investment and encourage our customers to take certain measurements to ensure they sustain their maximum quality. An earring stand is recommended for any and all earrings but mainly chain earrings and those with gemstones and briolettes. Chains can get tangled and knotted and stones could potentially become scratched or damaged if proper care is not shown. (Believe us, we've seen some jewelry box disasters!) We also recommend our Sunshine Polishing Clothes available for sale on our Necklaces page. We sell these at the lowest price possible to encourage our customers to take advantage of them.
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